VFX Compositor & MoGraph Designer

Kate T.C. Lin

Remote Compositing and Mograph Freelancer

Having years of experience as both a compositor for Film/TV/Commercial and a mograph designer, Kate has worked on high-end projects with various of clients. She provides efficient and professional compositing and design services, and fully equipped for taking freelance project remotely. Need someone fast and can produce quality work? I am your answer.


Some of my previous projects were with but not limited to Image Engine, Pixomondo, Crafty Apes, VFX Legion, Nox Studio, etc.

About Me

Welcome to my creative world, where years of expertise as a versatile compositor for Film, TV, and Commercial projects seamlessly merge with my passion for motion graphics design. Having contributed to high-profile ventures across diverse industries, I take pride in my journey as a seasoned freelancer.My professional journey is a testament to my commitment to excellence, combining technical prowess with artistic vision. With a dedicated workspace and a robust software arsenal, I offer efficient and top-notch compositing and design services. As a reliable solution for those seeking swift yet exceptional results, I am poised to bring your creative visions to life.Embark on a collaborative journey with me, and let's elevate your projects to new heights. Whether you require a seasoned hand for film, television, or commercial endeavors, I am here to turn your ideas into captivating visual experiences.